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  • Absorbents (4 Videos)

    Absorbents are vital to maintaining a safe environment for workers and other parties by aiding in the clean up of materials like: oil, grease, chemical spills, and bodily fluids. Failure to remove these elements from the environment can lead to accidents, chemical burns, and exposure to pathogens. We offer a highly effective, durable line of absorption products, which include: snakes, pillows, mats, rolls, booms, and granular absorbent materials, as well as a vast selection of specialty products ranging from spill kits to containment trays and decks.

  • Drain Maintenance (19 Videos)

    Drain Challenges? Let Momar solve them! From clogs, to drain flies, and foul odors, Momar’s best-selling solution segment provides drain maintenance programs to help solve them all. Momar offers over 52 drain maintenance products to address all the unique needs of kitchen drains, commercial and industrial drains, storm drains, and sewer lines. Momar’s unique assortment of drain maintenance products consist of five different families: acids, caustics, biologicals, solvents, and flocculants to provide drain openers, drain maintainers, and specialty solutions for difficult to handle situations.

  • Dust Control (19 Videos)

    The goal of these solutions is to preserve the quality of the surface being treated and prolong the lifetime of roads, piles, slopes, berms, yards, pads, and ponds. Developed as budget-sensitive solutions for governments, municipalities, industry, and energy companies, our surface dust control products bind dust tightly to the surface while augmenting its ability to withstand heavy loads, erosion, and weathering.. This preserves the customer’s bottom line by lessening the need for costly repairs to equipment, enhancing the quality of the surface, and replacing water-only programs. Benefits include: Reduction of fugitive dust emissions, Significantly lower maintenance costs, Increase equipment performance and reliability, Prevent erosion, wash-boarding, rutting, and skidding. Create safer driving surfaces and improve compression strength and load bearing capacity

  • Equipment (31 Videos)

    Momar’s equipment line contains everything from foaming systems and specialty equipment to safety gear and appropriate PPE to keep your facility operating smoothly and safely. Search our equipment line today to determine how to increase your companies productivity, reduce operating costs, ensure employee well being, and maximize revenue generation!

  • Fire Extinguishing (7 Videos)

    Our firefighting line allows you to cover more area, penetrate deeper, and knock down fires 20 times faster! This allows firefighters safer access to burning areas, reduces smoke production and opacity while simultaneously decreasing the chances of exposure to fatal toxins, and eliminating the possibility of reignition. The line includes products like: fire fighting foam with cooling agents, hydrocarbon encapsulant and dispersants, alcohol-resistant fire fighting foam, flame retardants, etc.

  • Green Chemistry (10 Videos)

    Momar's Greenaction Product Line is environmentally responsible chemistry in action. Greenaction products utilize the latest, greenest technology to perform cleaning tasks better than conventional products, while minimizing the effects on environmental and human health. All of Momar’s Greenaction products are non-corrosive, non-flammable, have a neutral or mild pH, and do not contain any fuming acids or harsh alkalis. Our team of chemists understands that the "green" movement will only prevail if "green" products perform as well or better than conventional products. Therefore, Momar chemists designed the Greenaction products with performance in mind. Each Greenaction product has been subjected to a series of standardized and side-by-side performance tests. Only formulations that performed as well or better than traditional cleaners proudly bear the Momar Greenaction logo.

  • Handyman Specialty Supplies (54 Videos)

    The Handyman Division offers a comprehensive line of hardware, fasteners, hand tools, adhesives, and other specialty supplies for all industries. This product line includes: Taps, Dies, Tapes, Files, Saws, Pliers, Sockets, Brushes, Sealants, Drill Bits, Hammers, Wrenches, Clamps, Abrasives, Adhesives, Welding Accessories, Safety Equipment, Screwdrivers, and hundreds of other useful tools and shop supplies.

  • Lift Station and Grease Trap Maintenance (9 Videos)

    Momar offers extensive biological, bio-oxidant, and floating degreaser programs to help you tackle even the biggest the build ups of grease, oil, fat, and other hydrocarbons which accumulate on top of lift stations and in grease traps, developing a thick layer that can produce malodors and cause damage to mechanical components. Our treatment programs chemically benefit the efficiency of your system by providing the ability to quickly dissolve grease and sludge to keep foul odors at bay!

  • Lubrication (32 Videos)

    The LuBest Division of Momar manufactures lubricants for virtually all industrial applications. We manufacture a wide range of products you need to support a wide variety of applications, including: liquid lubricants, industrial greases, industrial grade aerosols, and specialty lubricants. Additionally, the support programs offered by LuBest, such as Plant Surveys, Color Coding, and Oil Analysis, help insure that the proper products are selected, are properly applied, and are properly performing. All LuBest products and programs are designed to help our industrial customers save time and money by reducing downtime and product costs, while increasing equipment life and employee productivity. Whether general purpose, water resistant, or food grade greases, LuBest will provide products to fit your needs.

  • Proportioning and Dispensing Systems (22 Videos)

    Do you often wish that products could be applied consistently on a set schedule? Don’t you wish you could set down that calculator and have your concentrated products dilute themselves? Explore Momar’s proportioning and dispensing systems today! We install, we maintain, we keep your operations flowing smoothly without the added hassle!