How to clean the worst lift stations with Hydroclean

Watch as the Momar solutions professionals demonstrate the powerful effects of Hydroclean and Hydroclean Booster on one of the worst lift stations we could find! As you can imagine, the lift stations in Las Vegas are some of the toughest jobs to tackle, but Momar's Hydroclean kits eliminate odor and devour all the grease, fat, oil, and human waste in a matter of minutes. Plus, there are no harmful compounds produced during the reaction. Learn more about Hydroclean here:

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    Grease Devouring Lift Station Cleaner

    The one-hour solution to grease problems.  Ultra-concentrated, stabilized bio-oxidant solution devours hydrocarbons from lift stations, drain lines, and grease traps.  Excellent for total…(Read More)



    4-Function Catalyst for Hydroclean

    Reaction intensifier for HydroClean. Formulated with a metal catalyst that starts the grease-devouring reaction; an alkaline component that speeds up the reaction and aids in the…(Read More)